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((This is my first time setting up a Role play on DeviantArt so... Forgive me. I'm very nervous))
((I have terrible grammar so...))

Rule 1. No godmodding! You may also not control any of my characters, unless it's a tiny thing like noticing something.

Rule 2. This will probably change later on, but no killing anyone at the beggining!

Rule 3. No sexual content. If you want this can be romance ((I do both straight and gay)) but I refuse to do anything passed fluff

Rule 4. This is probably the most important rule. NO FETISHES OF ANY KIND, ESPECAILLY NO VORE OR FEET!!!

Rule 5. I do swear a lot. I do not swear much in roleplays but if I say something that makes you uncomfortable just tell me, and I will stop.

Rule 6. I allow Gore, and I can tolerate any kind of cursing. If you want have gore make sure to keep rule 1 and 2 in mind.

Rule 7. I usually replay very quickly so... Yeah... And I get a bit impatient at times. Also I like to roleplay in first person. If you want I can do third person

Rule 8. Please send me a bit ((Or a lot)) of your character's information it gives me a lot more to work with!

Rule 9. I will not close This role play, and also long as you obey the rules, I will not deny your request so feel free to join whenever!

Rule 10. Wow... This is very clique but... I'm going to say it anyways! Have fun =3

Deep in a dark forest, guarded by mankind there is a lab. Almost everyone who doesn't work there, aren't aware something like this even exists. You see, in this lab they mess around with the human body, seeing how they can change it, and to see how the subject reacts to it. It has very high security and almost no one has left it, and the employees do not take kindly to outsiders.

((For this G/T roleplay, you maybe either be giant or normal sized. Sorry, but you can't be tiny.))

How did you in the lab? ((If your the giant?))

A. You were abducted by the employees. ((You have nothing on you))

B. You were an employee and you volunteered to let them mess with you. ((The employees respect you, and treat you more kindly, and you have an I.D card on you))

C. My character tricked you into coming in, by claiming he needs your help. ((Employees do not know how to think of you))

D. You were the few people that knew about this place, and tried to stop it, but got caught. ((Sercurity is doubled and no one trusts you))

E. Other? ((I'm open to ideas))

((If I'm the giant))

A. You were oringal a test subject but you somehow espaced you cell. ((You have nothing but a white jumpsuit on, with a tag on it. The employees will try to catch you if they see you))

B. You're an employee who was told to check up on me, and see how I am doing. ((You have an I.D card, and you may doublecross the others. You also have a document about me))

C. You tricked me into coming because if you didn't agree to you would be the one getting tested on

D. You were trying to shut down the lab, and you saw me, being held capitive ((No one knows about your your here.))

E. You  were called in to help the employees out. My character was panicking and they thought your presence will help me calm down. ((A guard is at your side, making sure you don't step out of line))

F. Other?

Information about my characters
I will determine who I roleplay as, depending on who's giant.
If you want you can have history with these characters

((If you're the giant))

Name: Alexander
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality:He acts very emotionless... He doesn't even seem alive... He just does his work, and complains. There is really nothing else to say here
Appearance: He's around half a foot shorter then your average boy. He has short, black and blue hair, and height eyes. He wears a labcoat, black sweat pants, and really thick glasses
Backstory: He used to be a very sweet boy, who lack morality, and he was a bit ditzy. Despite being a bit blind to the world, he was very smart and he was always fascinated by the human body. One day he stumbled into this lab. They took him in, afraid he Will tell everyone about this place. After sometime they also realized he was fascinated in the human body, they offered him a job. Not knowing what he was getting into, he agreed. At first He enjoyed his job, but one day. Something clicked in his brain. This is wrong. He then tried to espace but he would always get caught. Eventually they forced him to forced him to take these pills. These pills made it so the one who takes them can not feel any emotions at all making him able to "enjoy" his job once more... These pills do not last forever but due to the amount he takes so frequently he hasn't felt anything for awhile

((If I'm the giant))
Name: Jay
Age: Recently turned 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Very hot headed, and she changes her mind a lot. She likes to pick fights and argues at times, and she actively tries to intimate people. She's very bold, and rashed, and she enjoys messing with others at times. If you know her well, you know she's actually very emotional, and a bit of a crybaby
Appearance: Somewhat tall. She wears a white collared shirt, black pants. She has very long and curly hair, with a red and orange coloring. She also has freckles on her face and she seems bruised up
Backstory: For the most part, she lived a simple life except for the part when she would argue and get into fist fights. Her dream used to be her  being a police officer, but it then changed into her wanted to join the military. Recently her parents gotten divorced since her father became bitter and started to complain about how Jay and her sister was useless. Now Jay doesn't really trust anyone at all.

Okay... Finally we have that out of the way... Here how it stats...

((Scene one))
You woken up in a in a very dark room... Everything in your head seemed very fuzzy. You then shortly realized your hands were in handcuffs connected in the walls. Your waist was also pinned against a wall... You then saw light come into the room... From the door, you saw what seemed like a very young boy. I groaned.
"Subject Number 783... Is that right?" The door behind me closed as I grabbed a clipboard.

((Scene two))
You were walking in the hall's of the lab. You were a bit confused on where you were going... As you were walking in the hall's you heard muffled screaming and you could have sworn the ground was shaking a bit. You then saw me, in a glass room. I seemed very huge... Maybe it was just a room... But you don't really think so. My hands seemed binded by something, and there was a metal strapped around my waist. I didn't noticed you at first. I just banged the tip of my shoe on the room... By my room you see a control panel, but if seems like you need an I.D card... It look like I was about to cry...
I really want to draw... But I have absolutely no fucking idea what I want to draw... Please help me...
Did you came from my old profile? PychopathicFoxDork, or my Google+ account? ((…)) Well, friend, you came to the right place. That is me!
Did you came from my old profile? PychopathicFoxDork, or my Google+ account? ((…)) Well, friend, you came to the right place. That is me!


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
This is a tough case, even for Junpei Iori, Ace Detective!


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